Tuesday, 15 April 2008

My Latest Sin, Gluttony – and the IDiet

Oh Weekends, what fleeting things they are. My weekend passed in udder bliss (I live in Switzerland: Cow Capital of the World. The pun was intended. I hope no one died laughing.).

I did just about nothing all weekend, except for play with my new Ipod. Yes, I broke down and bought one so that I can read/listen and knit at the same time. It was getting a little annoying having to choose between the two. Now I don’t have to. It’s like being a child and having cake, candy and ice cream all at once, only without the calories. Anything good without calories is brilliant you know. Plus, it has the added benefit of occupying my hands so I can’t read and eat at the same time. Ergo, even fewer calories. And not only am I not eating whilst reading, I’m burning calories by knitting too. So basically, you could say I’m on the Ipod Diet.

It’s brilliant. It’s like being a little kid and having someone read you a story. The only problem with which is that it can make you tired, just like a bedtime story. You fall asleep just as easily, or even more so, as when you’re reading and get sleepy. It’s bliss. Bliss I tell you. Love it.

The other advantage is that I can play with the dogs outside and read at the same time. See? More calorie burning and happy dogs at the same time! What more could you possibly want. Just think of all those calories you could burn and time you could save while reading and improving your mind! Boggling.

Just don’t anyone tell Apple about this or they’ll figure out a way to charge you per calorie burned and minute saved. Next thing you know they will come out with the IDiet and make a killing. Calorie free consumption. All electronics, all the time. They’d make a killing in the dieting and electronics industries. As a matter of fact, that would probably put them way over the top and leave poor Bill in tears. The monopolistic giant toppled at last – a tragedy or IFreedom. Discuss.

By the way, if my Blog disappears anytime soon, you’ll know that Apple has sabotaged it so they can claim they came up with the idea first and prevent me from collecting the royalties that should be mine. It’s a conspiracy. I swear it. *twitches*

On the knitting front: I finished the poor Phone Sock that had been languishing in it’s knitting baglette for the last month. Now I need to cast on the mate, so it can languish for a while.

I also finished the first of the Journey Cable socks. It turned out well, if a little big

– the picture is obviously not of the finished sock. I just thought I’d show off my oh so beautiful toes, eh hem. I improvised and grafted early to keep it being long enough to fit over a snorkelling flipper. I usually knit until I have 20-24 stitches on the needles. This time I left 50 on and made a wide toe. Why is it I think this may come back to haunt me? There must be a reason for virtually every sock pattern known to man decreasing to 12st/needle before grafting. You know this is going to anger the Knitting Gods. You just know it. Yarnhog, you’ll know who to thank if they leave you alone now.

I’ve also started the sleeve of my Eris. I didn’t put pictures of it up last time because I’m not happy with it. However, since everyone seems to think they really need to see it, here it is.

Now you know why I didn’t put them up before. I’m hoping that it will get better with blocking and ironing. It should since the same thing happened on the Rogue and it now no longer shows. The next picture you see will be of the finished product. Hopefully by the beginning of May; provided, that is, that my Options cables stay together long enough for me to finish it. I was knitting along happily last night using the magic loop method for the sleeve when I pulled on the needle, only to have it come off the cable! Clean off. Chaos ensued. There were needleless stitches were everywhere! Lonely, lonely stitches. They wailed and gnashed their teeth, whilst I remained cool, calm and collected *insert copious swearing here* *insert sitting very still, until stitches were returned to a new needle, here* I had just complained to Knit Picks about these cables last week (and in all fairness am subsequently getting free replacements). I don’t have a single set of cables left that hasn’t either been repaired or is beyond repair or needs repair and I bought extra cables with the sets. I really hope they do something about the quality soon since I love the needles. It’s just the cables that need help. It wouldn’t be so bad, but they always fall apart while I’ve got stitches on them and that’s just not nice.

Come to think of it Yarnhog, I think you must have sent your Knitting Goddess straight to me. Thanks ever so much. I’ll make sure I repay you the favour sometime…:P


  1. One problem I have with the books on ipod, if they are fiction, is that I can read so much faster than i can listen and get impatient to turn the page! Do you download from audible?

  2. Your just ASKING for promblems by the mere mention of 'she who must not be mentioned' name! Didn't they teach you that at Knitting 101?!Buckets of promblems.....
    I love love love listening to books while I knit, I can't hardly read anymore with my eyes, I always wonder if it counts as reading cuz I listen to all my books now.