Friday, 26 September 2008

10 Things Meme

I got this off of Yarnhog.

My list of Ten Things I Can't (Don't Want to) Do Without:

1. My dogs, even if I do want to throttle T on occasion. I agree with Yarnhog on dogs, they are so much easier to relate to than humans. The more humans I meet, the more I like my dogs.
2. Ipod. My audiobooks help keep me sane and the chores done.
3. Knitting. That one is obvious.
4. Books. I love to read and even though I love the convenience of audiobooks, I still love curling up with a good book (see #9) or reading myself to sleep at night. I can't imagine a world without books. Just recently a co-worker mentioned that he didn't like to read and I nearly fell out of my chair. I suppose I shouldn't wonder. Most people think I'm crazy because I don't like the heat.
5. Internet. Again, this keeps me sane at work when it's slow. I love that it's entertaining and helpful at the same time. Being able to Google something you want to know about is a gift from above, as is contacting all sorts of people I otherwise never would have met.
6. Privacy. I'm rather a bit of a misanthrope and I like my privacy and alone time, even though you could argue that I get enough of it since I live alone. I love being able to do what I want, or don't want, when I want and with whom I want, or don't want. I don't think I'll ever want to give that up.
7. My Cats. Not only necessary for our mouse problem, but they are the yin to the dog's yang. And they don't eat jackets. Not yet anyway.
8. Family. I don't have a huge family and although I don't see them often, I wouldn't want to be without them, for obvious reasons.
9. The Great Outdoors. I like nature for two reasons. The first is because it's enjoyable in most of it's forms (the desert and hot places are obviously excluded from my list of pleasureable places to be). There's nothing like a mossy floor in a green forest or moss covered rocks running along a river, a nice rain or a crisp day to refresh the soul. Then, there is the hiding from it, which is just as nice. There's nothing like a warm blanket, good book and a cup of tea when it's raining in buckets outside. Fondue on a cold evening? Yum. Foggy? Light some candles and the world is all right. Besides, most of the sounds nature makes are ever so much more pleasant than the ones humans create.
10. Tea. Good stuff. The only thing I really like that is really good for you. Must keep this one.

Theoretically, I could do without all of this, but would life really be worth living?


  1. I'm reading your list, nodding along because I think my list would be awfully similar to yours!

    I envy your #6 though, especially these past two weeks when I've been feeling completely smothered (I go through these brief phases from time to time).

    And I'm so totally with you on #4. It's the one reason I hope we never become a totally paperless society. Audiobooks or ebooks (or even like the Kindle thingy) just cannot replace the feeling of holding an actual book in your hands.

  2. Yeah, great list, I could of wrote that 'cept the tea. I only drink black tea and only when I'm sick.But reading- I think I actually read too much, My husband feels like I ignore him and the kids all the time cause I'm either listening to a book or reading one. I prefer to listen so I can knit or do other stuff. I think I was meant to be single, but keep that one under your hat!