Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Lord of the Rings Sock Club

Somebody save me from myself. I was innocently scanning some of the Ravelry forums, when I ran across the Lord of the Rings Sock Club. I’ve never been tempted to join any of these types of clubs because they are expensive, send you unknown patterns and colours you’re not sure you will like because you’ve never seen them and usually don’t feature superwash yarn, which is what I prefer for socks. No, it isn’t as soft and luxurious as the expensive stuff, but it holds up better, doesn’t felt on the bottom and I can wear the socks constantly and without fear of putting holes in them. They also remain wearable if they land in the normal washing pile by mistake. This is a big plus in my opinion. I like things I can really use without worrying about them. This explains why you will never see me in a pretty dress or nice clothes on a daily basis. I don’t want to have to worry about my clothes all day long. I’ve got other problems thanks muchly.

So, now someone tell me why I’m still considering joining this club? It makes no sense at all. I love LotR and always have. I’ve seen artwork in the films that I would love to be able to turn into a cable (but I fail at that). I’m sure the yarn in beautiful and even if I didn’t like the pattern I could still use the yarn for something else, but can I justify it? Can I justify spending $210 for 6 pair of socks when I would normally spend $24 for all 6 pair?

I’m going to wait before joining and hope that I’ll calm down and realize it’s not necessary for me to join and indeed it would be a bad idea all around. In the meantime, someone talk some sense into me please.


  1. I think not making an impulse buy is a very good idea. How to dissuade you...hmm the cost? lol That is the reason I've never been able to join any.

    For your comment on my last post, I also included the yarn info in the post. :P

  2. Well...I'm probably not the person to dissuade you, anymore than I'd be a good person to give anyone diet advice. I joined a sock club last year. It was "only" $80. I never knit a single one of their patterns, and two of the skeins of yarn I received were orange...yes, orange. The other one was lavendar, which I love, but I already had six skeins of purple shaded yarn. So, will I join another sock club? Of course.

  3. I am still working through my first pair of socks EVER and I am considering joining this sock club - it is a relief I am not the only one who is considering joining even though there are so many reasons not to! I keep trying to justify it by saying that i know so many LotR fans and I would have ALL the patterns and I would totally get sooooo much use out of them, etc. Save me from myself!

  4. I would hold off. For one thing, the listing says the patterns will be based on the books, not so much the movie. So, I'm not sure if the designer will have the same type of vision as the film costumers.
    Have a look at the cables on the Rogue hooded sweatshirt by Jenna Wilson, as well as the Mariah hooded cardigan by Jodi Green, and the Angband hooded sweater (variant of Rogue)
    Basically, I think any Celtic cable would look good.