Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Fortunately, Life is Fairly Boring

Oh wow. It’s been a while since I posted. It always seems to me like I’ve written more, but then I look at the date and am quite shocked.

I will plead that my knitting has been quite tame lately. Nothing exciting to report, no lace that’s making my lose my mind, no projects eaten by the dogs (knock on wood really hard), nothing really and truly exciting at all.

I did start my Knitty Knotty socks last night, at last. I know, I know. I’ve been raving about these socks since the preview came out in July and am just now getting around to knitting them. It’s just that I had a few other things to do in the meantime. I love the pattern. I’m doing the top down version so it’s all fairly straight forward. It’s mostly just a simple sock with an interesting cable pattern. I can foresee this being the first of several pair of these. They are an easy knit which is interesting enough to hold your attention and to look very pretty when you’re done. In short, the perfect sock. The only thing I’m not perfectly happy with is my own choice of yarn. It’s a very pretty yarn, but it’s variegated and hides the pattern more than I would like. However, it’s still pretty and since they are for me, I’m going to do them anyway.

I’ve also knit a sock in the Schachenmeyer Bamboo yarn. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it since it’s a bit shiny and I prefer matt, but after having finished the first, I think they’re going to be good. Again, they are for me, so perfection is optional anyway. I was debating on giving them to someone else for Christmas, but I wanted to see how they would be to wear and it’s autumn and I’ll need warm socks soon.

Actually, what am I saying? I’ve already got my cotton blends on. I had ice on my windscreen for the first time this morning. It seems like we went directly from summer to fall this year. I’m sure it will warm back up again, but in the meantime, it’s wool time!

Speaking of which, the weather has also motivated me to replace my jacket from the Great Jacket Carnage of June. Last weekend was one of those weekends where you only get wet once (and remain that way all weekend). As much as I love the rain, I do prefer to remain moderately dry when I walk the dogs and none of my jackets are waterproof. It’s been ordered and should be here in 7-9 days. After getting the bill, I’m seriously considering sending T out to beg again. He’s at home practicing his pathetic looks right now. Well, either that or getting into more trouble. I won’t know which until I get home.


  1. Don't feel bad about letting the time pass between posts- It seems like a unclimbable mountain to me right now. Hey- I need you email so I can reply to your comments, I don't want you to think I blow off your comments, but If you'd rather not, I'll try to reply here on you comments.( mine is knitfrau AT sio DOT midco DOT com) And yeah, my mouth hurts like a bugger now and I think I oughta kept the broken tooth, at least it didn't hurt!

  2. I like the idea of the dogs begging to make amends for their destructive behavior. And hey, I think time between posts just is what it is. My excuse, anyway!

  3. I'm anxious to see you get started with the Knitty Knotty socks. I just haven't been in the mood to start anything lately. I've been knitting, but without enthusiasm. I need something exciting to get me going again.