Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Last week I gacked a new gidggywidget off of Mariknit’s blog. It’s the new followers item. It’s a fairly handy little thing that tells me who’s blog I read. Even better though is the new Blog List, or Blist, as I call it. It not only links me directly to everyone’s blogs, but tells me when they last posted as well. Now I can tell at a glance who posted recently and if I really need to go to their blog or not. It’s very cool. Should keep me more up to date on people’s knitting too.

I’ve finished the first of my Knitty Knotty socks. Alas, no pictures as the weather has been poor when I’ve had time to take pictures. I’ll try this weekend since we should get some sun. I really like the pattern, but I should have used a plainer yarn. You can’t really see the little knots in the variegation. Also, this particular yarn would have been pretty all by itself. It’s too bad they didn’t have it last time I went. I would have liked to do more socks with it, especially as it’s 6 ply and very warm. Oh well, maybe they’ll get more in.

It’s Fall! It’s ever so nice outside now. Either high fog or sun with cool temps. Perfect dog walking weather. I really, really love this time of year. My summer is everyone else’s fall.

Apropos cool weather, the cats have moved back in. I’m feeling a bit like a kitty motel at the moment. We’ll move back in so long as it cold out and we don’t really want to freeze in the hay all night. We’ll also leave our dead mice laying around for you to clean up because we’re too full to eat them ourselves. We’ll also show up regularly for meals now since we’re hanging out closer to home nowadays too. Makes a nice change from mouse and bird don’tcha know. Nice to know my cats enjoy room service to its full extent. Wish I had someone who cooked and cleaned for me while I was out doing what I wanted to all day. I always wanted to come back as a dog in my next life, but now I’m wondering if cat wouldn’t be better. Not even the inclination to chase a ball. How nice.


  1. I use the ravelry friends feature to see updates - very handy!

    Yay for the Knotty socks!

  2. So I can look at your blog and see what a slacker I am!